Karakter Molekuler Gen AB- FAR 1 Nematoda Aphelenchoides besseyi Asal Lima Varietas Padi

  • Fitrianingrum Kurniawati Department of Plant Protection, IPB University
  • Efi Toding Tondok Department of Plant Protection, IPB University
  • Yayi Munara Kusumah Department of Plant Protection, IPB University
  • Abdul Munif Department of Plant Protection, IPB University
Keywords: amplification, homology, pathogenicity, seed-transmitted, sequence analysis


Molecular Characters of AB-FAR Gene 1 of Aphelenchoides besseyi from Five Rice Varieties

Aphelenchoides besseyi is known as nematode species that causes seed-transmitted white shoot disease in rice. One important gene that has been reported to control the pathogenicity of A. besseyi is AB FAR-1. The study was conducted to determine the character of the AB FAR-1 gene of A. besseyi extracted from rice seeds. Nematode extraction was carried out using Baerman funnel method from the seeds of 5 rice varieties, i.e. “Ciherang”, “Inpari Sidenuk”, “Sintanur”, “Prime Hybrid” and “Pak Tiwi”. Total DNA extraction of nematodes was conducted using CTAB method, followed by amplification of the AB FAR-1 gene using specific primers FAR-F1/R1 and nucleotide sequence analysis. Specific DNA band of AB FAR-1 gene measuring 150 bp was successfully amplified from all nematode samples. Sequence analysis showed that the AB FAR-1 gene had the highest homology (92.5 – 100%) with the Genbank accession no. JQ686690.1, which is the AB FAR-1 gene of A. besseyi from China. Despite having high homology, there were some nucleotide differences in the AB FAR-1 gene samples of A. besseyi from "Ciherang", "Inpari Sidenuk" and "Prime Hybrid". Further phylogenetic tree analysis differentiated the AB FAR-1 A. besseyi gene into 2 groups, i.e.  group 1 consisting of the AB FAR-1 gene A. besseyi from China, "Sintanur", "Prime Hybrids" and "Pak Tiwi" and group 2 gene AB FAR-1 A. besseyi from "Ciherang", and "Inpari Sidenuk".


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